The study surveyed nearly 350 Australian women about 10 months before your wedding date and asked if they thought they had an ideal weight for the wedding and how heavy. The brides were surveyed again a month before their wedding six months later to see whether they had won or lost weight.

About half of the women had an ideal weight for the wedding and wanted to lose about 9 kilos before the big day , but a month before the wedding , the average weight of women in the study had not changed. This was because although some women lost weight , others increased and so the average does not vary .

Whether or not lost weight before the wedding , all gained weight after the big day , winning 2 kg on average in the six months after their wedding.

" Weight gain after the wedding , there is no surprise and is perhaps the result of a relaxation of the diet and physical activity habits , once past the big day " say researchers at Flinders University in Adelaide.

Women who participated in the study were recruited from exhibitions complement bride ( wedding products such as cakes or flowers ) , so the results may not be representative of all brides .