It is a way to prolong breastfeeding as long as you want. The breast pump will make life easier , but you should consider that at first may milk flow is not extensive , so do not despair, you have to do is use it for a few weeks before his breast and start preparing each once you go out more.

If you do not need to store a lot of milk you can try extractors manuals milk, but if instead you'll need a lot of milk you should decant for an electric pump , it is much more comfortable and you will not have to make any effort .

There are several types of breast pump you can buy here: today I will talk about the breast pump Avent , Tommee Tippee and DrBrowns :

Avent :

Avent Electric Breast Pump Extractor New Electronic Simple Natural SCF332/01
Avent Manual Breast Pump SCF310/20 Natural :

They are very comfortable breast pump designed to pump milk without leaning forward, incorporating a slightly soft cushion massager stimulates milk flow . The electric has 3 settings extraction. Lightweight and compact design that clips easily and place it on the chest. Mount intuitive . Compatible with other products such as Avent bottles. Easy cleaning and handling. As accessories Includes a bottle of 125 ml and an Avent nipple.

DrBrowns :

Simplisse Manual Breast Pump :

Manual breast pump . With BabyFace ™ hood fits the chest and wrapping adapting ensuring better extraction . This technology makes it own chest to release the milk rather than being extracted and the remaining pump. Designed by lactation consultants and moms to create the same feeling during breastfeeding. Accessories : to collect milk bottle with lid to seal.

Tommee Tippee :

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump :

Very comfortable. Quick and easy to assemble and clean . Produces waves that help massage the milk out quickly and conveniently. When Manual is discreet and allows easy to control for a comfortable level of suction. Accessories: 1 bottle 150 ml, 1 lid for storage container of milk, 1 milk storage containers , 6 breast pads and a steriliser container

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