The data show that women's health has specific characteristics that require a comprehensive approach that extends the traditional boundaries of gynecology. So Light Clinic has launched the Women's Unit, a new service that aims to diagnose and treat specific problems and disorders affecting women's health in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary.

To meet this goal, the unit is built around a wide range of care services including a Health Coaching, Area of ​​Gynecology, Pelvic Floor specific units, Gynecologic Oncology and Breast Pathology. It also covers the areas of Rheumatology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Urology, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery Body, Vascular Surgery and General Surgery and Proctology.

Trust and intimacy

The Women's Unit of Light, led by Dr. Manuel Albi, works by pooling resources and scientific and technical capabilities available with the highest quality perceived by the patient due to factors such as trust and intimacy. In this way, patients will find this device a service where you centralize all your health problems, and avoiding travel delays.

From the conventional gynecological, and based on that list of doctor-patient trust that is generated in the same, the Women's Unit of Light widens the margins of this model of care to meet all the demands of patient health and ensure access to the best specialists in each arm and the most advanced medical technology.

"The Unit, explains Dr. Albi-born with the aim of providing assistance to women overall, unlike what is done in other centers will be based on the promotion of health and well-being of women, if While also is super-specialized and highly qualified to treat all gynecological pathology. "

Thus, the unit is directed not only to women suffering from a particular disease, "but is open to all who want to promote their health and receive general advice on gynecology, osteoporosis, pelvic floor disorders, cancer prevention breast, ovarian cancer prevention and other diseases, "says Dr. Albi. "You have to promote health and treat disease if necessary, because what we do with the highest standards of quality, but without ever losing sight of the overall approach of the patient as a person," says the specialist.

Thus, the new service will focus on procuring the physical, psychological and social support to their clients, whatever their age or condition. However, the unit will emphasize women over 40, an age that represents an important set of changes to their health due to the onset of the loss of ovarian function. Specifically, this phase is associated with conditions such as changes in lipid metabolism; risk of atherosclerosis, weight gain, bone loss, skin changes and body image, genital changes at local and emotional instability. Women between 40 and 60 years also experience significant changes in their social and personal life, in your relationship with your partner and the children get older, in social and professional expectations, and so on.

"Absolutely every woman can benefit from the unit but it is clear that there is a point in life where it is very interesting health promotion, and once you are past the age of having children: women continues still very young but start worrying about some disorders such as menopause, loss of reproductive capacity, changes in your personal life or prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis or cancer, "says Dr. Albi.