This work aims to collect the most human of people affected by this skin disease. The experiences of patients facing this disease in first person showing reality everyday, sensations and feelings associated with living with atopic dermatitis (AD). All these stories aims to bring to society and health professionals with the experiences of patients with AD.

The book Experiences in Atopic Dermatitis has been presented by Mercedes González Labrador, president of ADEA, highlighting the importance of initiatives like this to play in bringing the knowledge of Atopic Dermatitis among the public and health professionals. In this sense, also Raúl Lucas Laguna, Section Chief of Pediatric Dermatology, University Hospital La Paz, Madrid, stressed that "it is important that doctors are able to see beyond the skin and this work will help us better understand our patients and walk with them. "

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease, chronic and relapsing nature inherited condition that affects between 5% and 15% of the population of Spanish children. Presents with pruritus (itching) important, presence of eczema (hypersensitivity reaction in the skin similar to an allergy), which leads to inflammation, itchy rash and redness, blistering and peeling as the degree of atopy. Given this skin disorder, self-care is the basis for managing and reducing atopic dermatitis.

Because of its prevalence and high levels of involvement among the population, it is important to provide information to patients on multiple advice and care that must be taken into account when suffering from this disease and to achieve a better quality of life.