When skin is dehydrated notice it because they appear roughness, dryness, redness and tightness, also can appear cracked, or even granite. To avoid all this today I want to present hydrating Avene products: one for dry skin and one for repair very dry or atopic skin.

AVÈNE Moisturizer:

Avène Cold Cream Nourishing Body Milk:

It has a smooth, non-greasy formula, adapted to body care. It nourishes and restores the body's elasticity, moisturizes the skin and durably restores its softness gives your skin an immediate sensation of well-being.

Avene Cold Cream Leche Hidratante Corporal

Avene Emollient Cream Trixera :

Especially designed for care of atopic, reconstitutes the intercellular cement , reduces inflammation and reduces itching. Very helpful and extremely dry skin moisturizer or outbreaks of atopic dermatitis.

Avene Trixera Crema Emoliente

Where to find Avène ?

You can get products hydrating Avene line here :


In addition there are also products for the care of hands , feet, lips ...

Tips for dry skin :

  • People with dry skin should constantly using rich moisturizers hydrate applying them in the evenings and mornings .
  • Especially the contour should moisturize lips and eyes, they are areas that dry out easily.
  • Drink enough water, at least a half liter of water a day .
  • Use a good sunscreen, both winter and summer.
  • When using fresh clear water , showers and bathrooms with hot water removed the protective lipid layer of the skin.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and generally make a balanced diet.