It lets you eat a diet varied and balanced way, combining a wide range of products Biman PRO commonly consumed foods. 3.2.2 The exclusive method is easy to follow, comply with and supports the family and social life.

This method combines a balanced diet based on vegetables, dairy products, skimmed, fish and lean meats with a range of branded products, which features a variety of textures, flavors and aromas to suit all tastes, times of day and seasons. Some of the great innovations are sweet crepes, scrambled eggs with herbs, mashed potatoes with nutmeg, seitan nuggets with vegetables or soy with tomato, cream of mushroom, sticks or crackers.

The diet is characterized by being low in calories, carbohydrates and fats, and having a higher proportion of protein to the diet. It is nutritionally balanced, both in macro and micronutrients, without producing ketosis.

Method based on a high protein and calorie diet, food combining with conventional range of Biman Pro, specially designed for you and clinically tested with results that will soon be able to check.

3.2.2 Method of BM PRO is a split and combined method that provides a caloric and protein in three days, a pace perfectly integrated into the body:

* 3 Days Intensive
To start the diet and you'll notice the first results.

* 2 Days progressive
To consolidate the results and move forward.

* 2-day pre-balanced
Without excess, but with freedom to develop good eating habits.