As stated on their Facebook profile , cancer patients are apparently homeless " war wounds " but, "Cancer knows no gender, race or age - and continues to have a responsibility to make others find out."

For this reason, the Australian has started with the photographer Nadia Masot the project Under the red dress, seeking to raise awareness about the disease and its consequences and help prevent it. "Every day spent with other people . Individuals who appear normal, but the bodies are hidden under your clothes tell a very different story ," says Beth Whaanga on her Facebook profile.

She decided to show him hiding under his own red dress and posed for Masot as if you were doing it for a fashion magazine and courage has cost him 103 friends on Facebook. However, later returned to win friends and pictures have already been around the world as an example of fortitude and courage in the fight against cancer.

Although your body has nothing to do with the image they convey the models in the magazines she claimed her body saying : "My scars are not ugly , mean that I'm alive ."

The photograph published on the facebook you can see here :