Among them is a goat hair brush 100% natural, a biter and a biodegradable corn dishes, a donkey's milk soap or a natural rubber pacifier. Other products include those for hygiene: a sponge, a comb and a toothbrush and a bib, a towel and a shower hood.

The firm aims to provide the best care for children, but caring for them a world better. Therefore, linking childhood and sustainability, helping parents to preserve the future of their children and hoped that it is possible to save the planet through small gestures such as consumption of natural products from childhood.

An environmentally friendly generation

Ecologic call the bet Generation Baby ICO by a new generation in which environmental awareness is one of its core values. Thus, the brand believes that educating children on the basis of conservation of nature and the return to the consumption of natural products is now easier with this new product line.


Faithful to these principles and through an agreement with the Foundation + Trees, the company created the Baby ICO forest to offset the consumption of CO2 from the transport of their products. The presentation of the range took place in a kindergarten in Barcelona with the presence of ICO Baby's commercial director, Salvador Zapater, the director of the Foundation + Trees, Oscar Rando, and the director general of Harmful Medical