- A fresh and delicate perfume with the citric notes of lemon and mandarin, and a floral touch of bergamot and muguet.

- Baby Cologne is low in alcohol, and has been specially conceived for the delicate and soft skin of the babies

Suavinex has launched the Baby Cologne, its new and first fragrance with a fresh and delicate perfume, specially conceived for the baby and also for the mum. Its top notes of citric scent from the lemon and mandarin combine with the essence of white flowers and musk.

Its formula is low in alcohol and has been inspired on the Mediterranean, when we smell its perfume we find notes of bergamot and muguet, with a soft touch of moss and White Musk.

Baby Cologne has been created so as to perfume and refresh the baby´s skin. It has also been conceived for the mum who, if she wishes to, can share with her baby the same perfume.

The fragrance comes in a handy bottle with spray and has an exclusive design, which can be easily carried and measured out in a comfy and safe way. .