Apart from adolescence and hormonal factors, acne is caused by external factors such as stress or comedogenic substances. Therefore, it is important to use the right products for both cleansing and moisturizing or facial.

Laboratories and Avène Avene Cleanance care line has been specially formulated to combat acne and improve the health and appearance of skin. They are non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and paraben free to ensure maximum care of sensitive skin products.

When you have pimples or blemishes what we expect from a treatment efficacy and short-term results. To do this, you must purchase a daily hygiene routine in two phases:


Like all facial ritual that hopefully results, clean and mattify the skin is the first step on our way to look beautiful skin.

The Cleansing Gel Soap Cleanance without clean pores, helps regulate excess oil, reduces glare and prevents the proliferation of bacteria that influence the development of acne.

After a good cleaning, it's time to purify the skin. To do this, use Cleanance Mat Matifying Lotion to close your pores clean once, so our skin will be ready for the next phase.

It is important not to use the tonic as a cleaner because the results will not be the same.


A mistake that many people to think that oily skin does not need moisturizing. Not so, dehydrated skin is a skin with a dull, devitalized and suffer the effects of premature aging.

Once we've already cleaned the face, moisturize is the next step. Cleanance Mat Matifying Emulsion is a lightweight emulsion absorbs quickly and will help us to correct acne marks and control shine. You can use it both day and night.

How many of you will follow a daily routine? Are we the you count?

I Hope your beauty secrets!