Proceeds from the event will go towards funding R & D and skin cancer prevention among athletes, as a speaker for the rest of society.

The event began with a fun tennis exhibition, conducted by former basketball player Juan Manuel López Iturriaga and comedian Leo Harlem, attended by tennis players Rafael Nadal, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Vivi Ruano, Conchita Martinez and Carlos Moya footballers with Manuel Sanchis and Ruben de la Red

There was also a photocall for the eminent persons who spent wanted to support the initiative of the FMF. The day ended with a packed press conference attended by tennis players Rafael Nadal and Felix Mantilla, Miguel Angel Silvestre actors and Jane Doe and Joseph Malvehy dermatologist, who diagnosed the cancer, the leader of the foundation.

Rafael Nadal underlined the importance of FMF and Felix Mantilla courage when facing their own difficult experiences with skin cancer. The two known actors stressed the importance of the foundation and its message. For its part, the dermatologist said it is necessary to apply an appropriate sunscreen to sporting activity to be performed and the type of skin as well as the use of physical screens as caps and goggles approved.

Felix Mantilla grateful for the assistance and support from the audience and their friends and celebrities who wanted to support the initiative. He said: "On April 29, remember him as a very important day in my life. It is the cornerstone of the way to reduce skin cancer. "

Skin cancer is one of the most frequent and melanoma is one of the most deadly manifestations, although if detected early has a high cure rate. It is generally caused by cell degeneration brought about by excessive ultraviolet radiation. This high sun exposure is very common among athletes, a sector that may be at greater risk to skin cancer.

For over 20 years, Avene Dermatological Laboratories have designed much of its research to develop effective sun care, as well as promoting the correct fotoeducación, skin self-examination and regular skin checks.