Lice prefer clean hair and affects people of any age, although children are most at risk of infection are related habits and games.

Symptoms usually start with itching , especially in the area of ​​the neck and behind the ears , so it will be necessary to review the child if discovered with lice proceed to delete , remove and protect you for not getting back , if having itching and did not find lice or nits will have to see a doctor and if no itching , no lice or nits , all you have to do is to protect children from possible infection .

Quit Nits is a good solution to combat lice , three easy steps to get rid of lice and protect children in an easy and efficient way , and serves to both children and adults.

The steps in the Quit Nits treatment are:

1. Eliminate QUIT NITS lice cream, you must apply it to dry hair , allowing better visualization at the time put it , cover the hair with the included cap and leave for at least 4 hours.

Quit Nits Crema

2. Remove the nits: Using the nit comb to remove the dead lice and nits that have been attached to the hair.

3. Protects the child from getting the Quit Nits Head Lice Repellent Spray.

Quit Nit Spray Repelente

It is advisable to repeat the full treatment after 7 days if any nits survived.

Some general measures against lice:

  • Please review frequently the child's head with the nit comb.
  • Avoid the child to share brushes, combs, scarves, hats, towels.
  • Thoroughly wash all combs every time you use them, you can enter them in boiling water for about 6 minutes and wash the child's clothing at a temperature of 60 ° C, since lice die at temperatures above 50 ° C.
  • Steam ironing and tumble is also effective. Do not forget to also clean carpets.
  • Children tend to have the room full of stuffed animals, so keep the teddies in closed bags and lice can not feed and die.

And most importantly, stay calm and starts Quit Nits treatment asap.

Picture "Piojo Gota" By Ellaboratorio (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons