Breaking the mold requires perseverance, and that are inserted between layers of keratin of the nail and use it to feed and grow, they are also contagious and can survive for a long time in moist environments such as carpets or socks.

So Dr. Scholl has created a complete treatment for mild fungal infection that acts in two phases: the first removes 99% of the fungi, thanks to the combination of ingredients that create a hostile environment where fungi can not survive and die and, the second protects the nail from reinfection and contagion.

In a simple and very comfortable, the company has integrated the liquid with a brush applicator and five disposable files, clinically tested, obviating the surface layer of the nail ensuring the penetration of ingredients.

The treatment phase lasted four weeks and it kills 99.9% of the fungi. To be effective it is essential to the nail file once a week and apply the liquid once a day. Its advanced formula penetrates deep in the nail and remove the infection from the source.

Phase Protection lasts between 9 and 12 months and only needs to apply the liquid once a week until the full growth of the nail. This step prevents the infection from coming back and helps to have a strong and healthy nails.

The anti-homgos Dr Scholl has been scientifically proven to eliminate nail fungus. It is a household medical device that does not require a prescription. Its specific formulation facilitates the penetration of the ingredients in the nail so that it achieves and kill the fungus. Help prevent the spread of infection and recurrence. Dermatologically tested.