Return the controversy, if it ever disappeared, because the emphasis is again in favor of an excessively thin model, and with it, it takes up the debate. Now this new situation has occurred in Italy.

With 1.80 m tall, a size 34, and 19-year-old Karlie is the new icon on the catwalk. All brands in fashion, and cosmetics, raffle its services after the recent participation of the young model in the Victoria's Secret.

In his latest work, a photo shoot for "Vogue" Italia, Kloss appears, according to some critics, for their extreme thinness. And all question whether this young man has to establish itself as the model in terms of 'desirable curves' for women.

The publisher of the magazine has been advocated to ensure that the body of Karlie Kloss is athletic, muscular and transmits force. Also do not hesitate to give the title Kloss "new body", an adjective with which until now was known to the model Elle MacPherson.

An example that deserves a critical look at what 'is' the true beauty and the importance of health as a source of genuine and natural beauty.