It is an act of euthanasia or assisted suicide provided, subjects on which only the State can legislate, but the first law in Spain that provides a protocol to manage the rights of terminally ill patients and the obligations of the professionals who serve .

The Act establishes the statement of intention early life of citizens and recognizes the right to receive fair and understandable clinical information that will help in making decisions, to receive treatment for pain, including palliative sedation and to refuse or stop any intervention.

The Minister of Health, María Jesús Montero, called the Law of 'avant-garde, bold and sensitive, and noted that the text includes the right of terminally ill patients who are hospitalized for a single room.

However, the rights and obligations contained in this Act to materialize, requires appropriate clinical means and an exquisite application of good medical practice or otherwise will be reduced to a list of good intentions.

The Andalusian government argues that this law are solved with situations like that experienced in 2007 with Inmaculada Echeverria, when the Hospitaller Order St John of God Hospital requested transfer from Granada to San Rafael other publicly owned center was authorized after the disconnection of the ventilator that kept her alive.