In its diagnosis value "a good health system, great professionals, but has a very important problem: a debt of 15,000 million euros." So consdiera former minister, "the most important and urgent to provide it with sufficient funding.

But it also needs structural reforms. "The CP proposes tax breaks for private medical insurance and refuses to co-pay. The head of health policy-PP believes in an interview with El País that" health is a boiler to Zapatero. "

"Since removing the ministry skills in biomedical research, not to support healthcare professionals and resource planning, to the most serious, are not worried about sustainability, sufficient resources for health."

Given this pre-election scenario, Pastor challenges Rubalcaba to say why not 8,000 and 15,000 million.

"We urge the Government to act responsibly and tackle the debt that has resulted from lack of foresight and diagnosis and that he continues with his criticism, has led to economic and social crisis without precedent."

"For the PP, he says," health, dependency, education and pensions are sacred ... We are committed to having a well-funded health system "and further suggests that" there must be a complete medical history only makes it possible for us to be treated in Spanish anywhere in the country. Also a single, common electronic prescription is made to avoid irrational use of medicines.

Pastor says the Adminitración Health has a governance problem. "Citizens sometimes have to go to hospital eight days other than testing that could be completed in one." The Government concludes, "has had no qualms about spending 15,000 million in Plan E to fix streetlights, but has a hole in Health."