This practice as was out in Spain since he launched the organ donation system, but last November, after intense debate, endorsed by the Commission Transplant Interterritorial Health Council.

The figure of the altruistic donor, who at the National Transplant Organization known as the Good Samaritan is not usual, but has always existed. These are people who come to health centers and hospitals to offer one of their kidneys without asking anything in return.

The coordinator of the ONT, Rafael Matesanz, announced yesterday that the donor has already exceeded Andalusian psychological tests accurate and is now being subjected to analysis to ensure their proper physical health status, to confirm it as suitable.

The biggest objection to this type of transplant and who has done that has not been approved so far is the fact that these grants could cover up other interests, such as economic or are producing estubieron extortion.

The head of the ONT no doubt that the example of the former Good Samaritan Andalusian will spread. "We have to make lists of potential donors. The biggest problem facing us is that we must be careful to ensure their anonymity," he says.