It will seek a hospital stay more enjoyable and fun for hospitalized children and is a collaboration between the hospital and the company Alzireño Grefusa.

This new project was presented yesterday by the mayor of Alzira, Elena Bastidas, Manuel Marin, managing director of the Department of Health and Agustín Gregori, CEO of Grefusa.

All have agreed about the importance of having small rooms and pediatrics with drawings that seek interaction with children through puzzles, games for the differences, addition and subtraction, crossword mazes.

Mar Revert, artist responsible for designing the decor, designed games and forms suitable for children between 0 and 13 years (pediatric), which are not too childish or too complex or because the rooms and spaces will be occupied by young of different ages.

"To carry out this initiative have been carefully selected both the colors (light colors) as the type of drawings (dolphins, butterflies, dinosaurs, etc) to create an atmosphere of relaxation and wellbeing in children."

In this sense, every child entered will receive in paper each of the games decorate your room in order to be able to participate in the proposed activities.

Another element that has been introduced in this new decoration is that the rooms on the pediatric floor pass to identify with children's items such as snail, sun, air and moon.

"This will get warmer to stay for the children" noted Greg Augustine, who joined the project from the beginning.

"From the moment in which the Alzira Hospital proposed this initiative we knew we wanted to participate. Being able to help children who come to this center providing your income is more bearable answers Grefusa pillars: the fun, innovation and, of course, concern for children. Today, seeing the final result, we are pleased to have contributed to this initiative. "

For his part, Manuel Marin stated that "from the Health Department of the Bank is aware that the environment surrounding health care can have a positive impact on the stay and the recovery of children admitted, hence the commitment of this organization with the youngest patients. "

In the first phase of the project areas have been decorated for pediatric hospitalization and will continue with children's areas of outpatient and emergency department. Along with Grefusa, this initiative also participated Milte and Laboratorios Ordesa.