According to an international study has revealed the experts who helped neurology at the Hospital Santa Creu i Sant dela Pau in Barcelona.

Prepared by Harvard University, the study focused on the accumulation of tau protein in neurons and subsequent expansion in several regions of the brain killing much of the neurons, causing immediate reactions the patient.

The novelty of this study is to show that the tau protein is spread in the initial phase of the disease passing from neuron to neuron to reach other parts of the brain.

"It's like a kind of contagion between neurons that expands the presence of the protein, but in no case can be seen that Alzheimer's disease is an infectious kind," said Dr. Suarez-Calvet.

The researchers focused the experiments on a group of genetically modified mice, in which observed the expansion of this protein beyond the entorhinal cortex gradually, jumping from neuron to neuron.

Treatment of Alzheimer's is one of his key early diagnosis in order to try to curb the spread to other brain regions. The authors note that this is a kind of contagion whose detection is crucial.