To do this, Alvita, the trademark for hygiene and patient care developed by Alliance Healthcare exclusively for the pharmacy, the market offers a new range of oral hygiene products that meet the needs of each patient. The new line launches Alvita mouth include:

· Whitening Toothpaste 75 ml. Specially formulated to help maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth and protect them from staining. Its pleasant fresh mint taste freshens the mouth and keeps breath fresh during and after brushing. Also effectively protects teeth against cavities and strengthens the enamel, achieving a healthy smile and fresh.

· Sensitive Toothpaste 75 ml. Specially formulated to protect teeth and gums suffering sensitivity to cold, heat or certain everyday situations such as eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. Besides minimizing discomfort and calm, everyday use contributes to proper oral hygiene.

· Calcium and Fluoride Toothpaste duplo 2x75 ml. With advanced formula, Calcium and Fluoride Toothpaste AlvitaÒrefuerza enamel and effectively protects against cavities, keeping teeth healthy and strong. Daily use helps to proper oral hygiene by providing a pleasant feeling of freshness of mint.

· Fresh Mint Mouthwash 500 ml. Contains fluoride salt which helps protect teeth against cavities and increases the resistance of enamel, and allantoin, which acts as a healing agent and tissue regenerator. Furthermore, to enhance the action of brushing his pleasant mint flavor provides a comfortable feeling of freshness.

With these new releases, Alvita continues in an effort to collaborate with the pharmacy savings with quality, not to mention the health care and quality of life of patients.