According to the journal Science, the study ended the long debate about whether antiretroviral drugs could offer a double benefit in treating patients while reducing transmission rates.

"This is not only to treat people will end the epidemic," said correspondent Jon Cohen Science News, who wrote about the trial. "But in combination with three other major biomedical prevention that have proven their worth in large clinical studies since 2005, many researchers now believe that it is possible to curb the epidemic in specific settings with the right package of interventions"

However, many researchers say the study may 'change the rules of the game' for its efficiency, approaching 100%, in reducing HIV transmission, and have earned the recognition of the Discovery of the Year.

This discovery leads a list compiled by the journal Science in which the Japanese space mission Hayebusa ranks second, after returning to Earth with a large asteroid dust. The podium is completed by genetic finding the origins of humanity, which found that many people still have human DNA variants archaic.