But the message of hope is that if teenagers and young people adopt healthy lifestyles, 40% of cancers could be avoided, especially lung, skin, cervical, or colorectal.

Do not smoke, avoid inhaling snuff smoke, limit alcohol consumption, not overexposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays sessions, and maintain proper weight through a balanced diet and physical exercise are some guidelines for preventing the development of a cancerous tumor.

For its part, the cancer caused by viral or bacterial infections can be prevented through strategies such as vaccination, the adoption of changes in lifestyle and practicing safe sex.

The snuff is behind 95% of cases of lung cancer. Avoid consumption of snuff asset or liability could be prevented each year died in Spain about 20,000 people. Only in our country, snuff kills 3,000 and 56,000 passive smoking for diseases caused by smoking addiction as COPD, cancer or those of cardiovascular origin. "Without the snuff smoke, lung cancer would be a rare disease," they add from the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

Sunbathing with caution, using sunscreen and avoiding prolonged exposure especially between 12:00 and 16:00 hours when the sun's radiation is most intense, would help prevent the development of skin carcinoma. The skin has a memory and excesses with UVB and UVA rays during childhood and adolescence can take its toll.

A balanced diet, regular exercise and cessation of snuff also may prevent colorectal cancer, causing 13,000 deaths a year.