For this reason has issued the following statement to reproduce , for distribution , entirely :

" The scientific societies more closely linked to the use of vaccines express our surprise and concern at the shortage of chickenpox vaccine that is occurring in many Spanish pharmacies .

Registered in Spain are two vaccines for chickenpox . One of these vaccines ( Varilrix ® ) is restricted to hospital use , so in our view unjustified , especially after the recent change in its data sheet . The other vaccine ( Varivax ® ) was available until recently in the pharmacy .

For the moment , we have no official knowledge , ie , by the Ministry of Health or the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (Competent Authority ) of any circumstances that explain this shortage, as it could be a possible problem of production, distribution or security .

The shortage is occurring in most of the regions , but not all . The manufacturer of Varivax ® laboratory reports that have lots of vaccine available, but they are retained. We hope that the Ministry of Health and the Competent Authority as soon as possible to manifest and especially you can put an end to this anomalous and strange situation .

Vaccination against chickenpox in early childhood , ie , from 12 months old, has proven beneficial in numerous studies and countries with universal vaccination , as the United States , Canada, Australia , Uruguay , as well as European countries such as Germany , Greece , Latvia and some Italian regions . In other European countries , the vaccine is available in the pharmacy for prescription free .

In Spain , only two regions (Madrid and Navarra ) and two autonomous cities ( Ceuta and Melilla) vaccinated free of charge to children in the second year of life . The effectiveness data reported by the communities of Madrid and Navarre , where it is established universal vaccination since 2006 and 2007 respectively , are spectacular. In other communities vaccine from age 12, age at which 90 % of children have already had chickenpox naturally ( up to 15 % of cases with any complications ) or have been vaccinated CAV following the recommendations of the ASP. With this shortage in communities without vaccination funded , are deprived of the use of this product and its proven health benefits to those who decide to use following recommended by their doctors. "

Vaccine Advisory Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics ( AEP ) , Spanish Association of Vaccinology ( AEV ) , Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine , Public Health and Hygiene ( SEMPSPH )

Meanwhile the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products ( Competent Authority) ensures that :

"... the vaccine supply is adequate to the needs arising from compliance with vaccination schedules on which there is agreement of the Inter-territorial Council of Health.

According to the information of this agency , this provision extends to the responsible authorities in the vaccination plans and pharmacies territorial units in which public health authorities have decided , on your calendar , vaccinate children in early childhood , thus fulfilling the provisions of the Inter-Territorial Council agreement . "

Finally say that the Competent Authority says that yesterday we released a lot of that vaccine.