In our country, according to estimates by Fedifar during the first year the sale of electronic cigarettes has increased from distribution to pharmacies a 50.67% compared to 2010. This means, according to estimates, which have sold over 200,000 units of product during the first eleven months of the year.

The estimates also indicate that sales from distribution to the pharmacy has increased prescription drugs versus gum, patches and other drugs without a prescription. Thus, the supply of prescription drugs has increased by 11.24% compared to a decrease of 9% of the substitution group of snuff and EFP (medications not requiring a prescription).

It follows from the data generated by Fedifar from those provided by twelve pharmaceutical distribution companies associated with this federation, representing more than 63.6% of the market. The figures refer to sales of products to combat snuff (patches, gum, prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs and electronic cigarettes) for the first eleven months of implementation of anti-smoking law, health measures against smoking.