All our attention is focused on the defects, or the parts of our body, we are not able to accept such as float or breasts. We must recognize, therefore, that beauty depends heavily on psychology.

A survey by LaClinique on a sample of 250 men and 1000 women, showed that more and more people are turning to plastic surgery.

In Italy and Germany, people often ask the plastic surgeon, more often touches on the breasts, but in Spain, begins to highlight the application of surgery in the lower back, which is known as gluteoplasty. What we really want is Spanish have a hard round ass.

Today, any body part can be rebuilt, but is it really necessary to go through the plastic surgeon to solve our problems, which most of the time there are only cosmetic in nature?

This behavior is linked to the models proposed to us daily from the media that make us want a perfect body, even in old age and that you can not do with physical exercise but going under the knife.

In my opinion, and I guess in most people, surgery should only be used in case of injury or illness that was essential in the surgeon's intervention, but this is a pipe dream in today's society.

In short, now my ass has become an important part of our body capable of being operated. The operation is performed by means of a new technique that changes the shape of the buttocks, by the insertion under the skin of suspension wires made from materials that are biocompatible and fully resorbed.

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