❤️ Top Foods High in ⭐️ Vitamin B1


✅ What are the best foods to increase your vitamin B1 level? Take a look. 



⭐️ In many other videos, I’ve talked about the importance of vitamin B1. If you become deficient in B1, here are some of the symptoms you can experience:

• Anxiety
• Restlessness
• Panic attack
• Lack of stamina
• Excessive sweating

The best source of vitamin B1 is nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is the best natural source of B vitamins. Avoid taking synthetic vitamin B supplements.

The following are other sources of vitamin B1.

1. Pork 6oz - 1.1mg (96% of RDA)
2. Salmon 6oz - .6mg (48% of RDA)
3. Flax 1oz - .5mg (39% of RDA)
4. Sunflower feeds 1oz - .4mg (35% of RDA)
5. Green peas 1 cup - .4mg (35% of RDA)
6. Macadamia nuts 1oz - .3mg (30% of RDA)
7. Acorn squash 1 cup - .3mg (30% of RDA)

An adult needs between 1.0-1.2mg of vitamin B1 daily.

On top of getting more vitamin B1 in your diet, you also need to avoid things that deplete B1. This includes:
• Refined sugar
• Refined carbs
• Chronic stress
• Diuretics
• High blood sugar/glucose