The African Mango is found in Cameroon and Nigeria and in western areas of Africa. For years it has been seen that the people of those areas are thin, slender and healthy and one of the reasons to which this is attributed is because they consume large quantities of African mango


Today I want to tell you about a superfood that can help you burn fat and lose weight quickly.

In one of his programs the dr. Oz talked about a superfood that has helped many people lose weight faster than any supplement, food or compound in medical history and that superfood is called African Mango.

In a publication published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008, a clinical study conducted on African Mango was analyzed.

As you can see here, during the study, which lasted 10 weeks, the participants were given 150 milligrams of African Mango twice a day and it was found that these people lost an average of 12 kilos in ten weeks, which is absolutely incredible.

A study like this had never been carried out, in which such good results had been found, but another study that had been carried out a few years ago, specifically in 2005, found that people who had taken 150 milligrams of African mango twice a day lost an average of 5.8 kilos in four weeks, losing almost 6 kilos in a month just for taking African mango.

As you can see there are specifically four ways in which the African Mango acts

As you can see here, the first place where it acts is in adiponectin, which is a hormone that helps increase insulin sensitivity. This is very interesting for diabetics, because if the glucose does not enter the cells for its use it is when it causes problems, but it has been seen in some clinical trials, that the African Mango increases the sensitivity to insulin in a similar way to the Cinamomum that It has been shown to be useful in diabetic people to balance blood sugar levels, which is also very important in weight loss.

Secondly the African Mango helps to balance ONE HORMONE CALLED LEPTINA. Leptin is related to metabolism and the accumulation of fat in the body, which is why it is so important. So, if you have ever spent all day running on the street or on the treadmill and you have not obtained the results you expected, it could be because your hormones are unbalanced and one of the benefits of African Mango is to help your body to burn fat by regulating the production of leptin.

Third, African Mango decreases the amount of sugar in the blood that becomes fat

For years, I've heard people say, I'm not going to eat a lot of fats because they're going to become fat in my body, the truth is that healthy fat can help you burn fat and lose weight. Normally, sugar or taking an excessive amount of carbohydrates that turns into sugar is what makes your body gain weight. African Mango helps keep glucose from becoming fat and building up.

Fourth, the African Mango blocks the enzyme amylase, which is responsible for the digestion of starches, which would normally become sugar and thus, these starches can act more as fiber because they will not decompose the starch, and not They are going to become sugar, which is very good.

I would like to remind you that what they did in the study was to administer 150 milligrams of African Mango twice a day to a group of people, in my opinion it is best to take it 30 minutes before meals, that is, 30 minutes twice a day. day before the main meals, as they did in the study.

Remind you also that sometimes in research studies, people can be partial or even change their diet. One of the most significant things in this study was that the participants took African Mango but did not make any changes in their diet, so all the weight loss could be attributed to the African Mango.

I know very well that Dr. Oz has treated this topic many times in his television program in the United States and that it has been a great topic of conversation in that country.

I do not know if you can find it as food in Europe or America, what if it is true that it is easy to find it in the form of an extract or as capsules, to make sure that the product is of good quality.

There are many cheap brands, and you can find offers thrown of price, monitor the quality of the product is better to pay a little more but get an effective and good quality product that throw the money into something cheap and low in African Mango content.

What I would not like is that you do not take this as a kind of miraculous diet, because that kind of things do not exist. Know, that the African Mango is also an antioxidant that provides many other health benefits.

My recommendation to lose weight and lose it quickly begins by taking African Mango and change your diet, stop if you do not want to take it, simply change your diet, eat healthier, take no refined sugars or refined flours, take healthy fats, lots of fiber, fruit , vegetables and proteins of good quality.

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