Considering the constant flow of bad news, it’s time to share some good COVID-19 news. I know you’ve been hearing a lot of bad news every day concerning the coronavirus, so I wanted to share with you some good coronavirus news. 




Good coronavirus news:

• The last temporary hospital in China has closed because the number of COVID-19 cases is dropping significantly.

• China has only had one new infection for the second day in a row.

• 90-95% of the large manufacturing companies in China are now back to work in some capacity.

• 65-70% of small businesses in China are coming back to work.

• At least 70% of all of the people in China who were infected with COVID-19 are now fully recovered.

• Codogno Italy was one of the two clusters in Italy where they had higher amounts of infection. But now, they have significantly fewer infections. At one point, they had 35 cases of COVID-19 a day, now it’s only five a day.

• A team of infectious disease experts found that the new estimates of fatality rates for the coronavirus were 3% and are now 1.4%.

• In China, the Disney staff is going back to work, and Starbucks is opening back up.

• There are new versions of an old drug called chloroquine that are being used to help with the coronavirus.

• A 103 year old Chinese grandmother made a full recovery from the coronavirus.

• Apple reopened 42 stores in China.

• There has been a significant decline in COVID-19 cases in South Korea.

• 3 Maryland patients fully recovered from COVID-19.

• Tulsa Oklahoma’s first positive COVID-19 case has recovered.

• All seven patients who were being treated at a hospital in New Delhi have fully recovered.

• There is a really interesting paper that talks about temperature and humidity possibly reducing COVID-19 transmission.

• A university in the Netherlands found an antibody to the coronavirus.