This was revealed by the First Study on Knowledge and Use of Homeopathy, an investigation of this therapeutic method, with support from Boiron Laboratories, in order to identify the degree of knowledge, use and satisfaction of these drugs.
The research has been done by an online questionnaire on a sample of 3344 people over 18 years, distributed in the different regions.
The women say they have more knowledge of this therapy than men, and the main users of homeopathy are between 30 and 50.
For their part, young people are the most ignorance or confusion have on these treatments.
People over 50 years, mainly used to treat insomnia and rheumatism.
Navarre, Aragon, Catalonia, Basque Country and Murcia are the communities most commonly used on an occasional or regular homeopathic medicines.
Highlights Navarre, where 76% of the population has used homeopathic medicines on occasion.
On the contrary, the Galician and Cantabrian the least likely to use this therapy.
The efficacy and absence of side effects are the main reasons that lead users (78%) to use homeopathy.
In addition, women highly value that can be administered during pregnancy and compatible with other medicines.
Men, however, highlight the recommendation of a health professional, either a physician or pharmacist, as an added value of this therapy.
The survey reveals that eight out of ten consumers of homeopathic medicines are satisfied or very satisfied with the results and 87 percent would recommend them to family and friends.
By region, are the Rioja and Cantabria most users rely on this method of treatment.