With this launch, the mobile phone company improves its offer for this growing group, incorporating new features and going one step further in satisfying their needs.

The mainspring, designed by Doro, a leading Swedish manufacturer of mobile phone development-friendly, has a clamshell design and is lightweight, unobtrusive and intuitive.

It is designed to facilitate communication through the keyboard and large screen, high contrast display and Bluetooth, and compatibility with hearing aids. It offers the features most requested by seniors, such as calls, SMS, FM radio, Bluetooth and emergency button. It also incorporates a charger base for easy usability.

The emergency button is its most unique and differential provision, since it is a commitment to safety and comfort of seniors and their families. If necessary, just press this button will activate the emergency mode, alerting, and calls automatically via SMS to family and / or care services 112.

The goal is to work in Orange in overcoming the digital divide and address the special needs of groups with less accessibility. Intends to offer products and services to people with poor access to ICTs, fighting exclusion factors geographic, economic or physical.

The group of elderly people increasing demand for products specifically designed for them, as the proposals on the market do not meet your expectations, be complicated and not very operative.