A girl of that age may be ready for pregnancy from the physical point of view, although not usually be, but surely their maturity is not to be adequate to meet the challenge of motherhood.

The Romanian girl became a mother on Tuesday October 26 at a hospital in Jerez de la Frontera. The baby was born healthy, weighing 2.9 kilos. This past weekend, I was discharged at the hospital where she had given birth. The issue was no longer a health issue to become a social problem.

The Andalusian counseling for Equality and Social Welfare, through its counsel Micaela Navarro, is assessing both the status of the child and his baby and the large number of relatives with whom they live. If there is nothing abnormal, both remain in the same family.

Social services of the City of Jerez de la Frontera were not aware of what happened until last Friday, October 29, as the family apparently resides in the province of Sevilla. The girl was under the tutelage of their parents, although be aware of delivery are activated child protection protocol. "The important thing is that both are well cared for and if no abnormal situation will remain in the family environment," he said.

Medicine, doctors often argue, is not like mathematics, where two and two always make four. Remains normal for a girl of 10 years is unable to father a baby. The liver, heart and kidneys of a young girl are not prepared to endure nine months of gestation and a depth of experience of childbirth, although the case of Cadiz has broken all known theories.

Hormonal changes that occur during puberty usually begin at age 13. At that age, a teenager is capable of producing hormones specific to women, but not eggs. The first ovulation occurs around age fifteen.