Pfizer today made public its new commitments to ensure access to Prevenar 13 countries worldwide with fewer resources, through GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines. This commitment to Pfizer announced during the conference contributors to GAVI, which took place in Berlin, to support the strategy of the organization during the period 2016-2020.

Thus, Pfizer announced a reduction of 20 cents in the unit price of Prevenar 13, from the current $ 3.30 per dose up to $ 3.10 for resubmission with four vials, expected to be released within 2016 program of Advanced Market Commitment (AMC) Due to practical constraints faced by healthcare operating in many countries helped by GAVI, the new presentation has been developed for maximum efficiency and to help cope with requirements for storage and transport. This new price will be extended to all countries signed agreements of GAVI until 2025, ensuring that even children in remote regions of the world can receive the vaccine.

Pfizer is proud to collaborate with the GAVI and help them achieve their ambitious goal, to provide the support necessary to immunize 300 million children in the poorest countries of the world against diseases that threaten their survival until 2020 and, therefore, potentially help prevent more than five million premature deaths.

"It is encouraging to see how the vaccine producers are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainable trade of vaccines for developing countries," said the CEO of the GAVI, Dr. Seth Berkley. "The commitments made today will help us to provide more doses of vaccine at a lower cost and support these countries, as they are achieving finance and maintain their own immunization programs. This will lead to having more protected children and prevent more deaths ".

Pfizer's commitment aims to help countries to keep their pneumococcal vaccination programs and thus hold important public health benefits they bring, even after completing the direct support of GAVI.

"We are pleased to help GAVI to achieve the common goal we have to protect the most vulnerable children worldwide through sustainable immunization program," said Susan Silbermann, President and CEO of Pfizer Vaccines. "No child should die anywhere in the world because of a preventable by vaccination. Our ongoing investments to ensure adequate and reliable distribution of high quality vaccines and the first presentation in multidose vials, will help ensure that more children have access to Prevenar 13 to prevent pneumococcal disease in communities where health systems are still developing. "