Physical exercise improves the cardiovascular system, which benefits the mechanism ereccPracticar half hour of aerobic sports like running, reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. According to experts at Boston Medical Group, a global alliance in medical clinics dedicated to the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, physical exercise is always a recommended activity as it facilitates good condition and functioning of the cardiovascular system and decreases the chance of developing a problem male sexual function.

Although exercise and all sports in general are beneficial to health altmante, Jose Benitez, Medical Director of Boston Medical Group, said: "The erection of the male organ is achieved through a vascular response. Therefore sports aerobic such as running, swimming or walking prevent erectile dysfunction because they are more complete and specific exercises for the circulatory system to the anaerobic, like gymnastics ".

In addition to the benefits of sport, Dr. Benitez noted that "men who have sex 3 or more times a week are 4 times less likely to develop a condition of erectile dysfunction." Not forgetting that tner a healthy sex life and full carries many benefits for the body, since sex accelerates the heart rate of a healthy and improves the general condition of the arteries.

A properly functioning cardiovascular system increases blood flow which is an improvement in the mechanism of erection and sexual function. As explained by Dr. Benitez, "penile erection is the response to a stimulus caused by blood circulation and flow phenomena. Consequently, if the bloodstream has a good performance in the penile arteries, the response to the stimulus also the erection is rewarded, resulting satisfactaria sexual function. "

Poor diet, some unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyle contribute to the deterioration of the circulatory system, so that these habits are not recommended for general health, for good fitness of the body and to maintain a healthy sex life. The medical director of Boston Medical Group, says that those men with erectile dysfunction should be aware of the fact dysfunction penile rigidity may be a predisposing factor for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or circulatory problems, so it is essential to go the doctor or specialist to treat the problem and prevent the possible consequences. "

Fotografía By ms4denmark [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons