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  1. Good News: COVID-19


    Considering the constant flow of bad news, it’s time to share some good COVID-19 news. I know you’ve been hearing a lot of bad news every day concerning the coronavirus, so I wanted to share with you some good coronavirus news. 

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  2. Isabel Preysler appears in El Hormiguero

    We tell you what happened. That was the interview Pablo Motos Isabel Preysler in El Hormiguero.

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  3. Enucleation of prostate adenoma by laser

    One of the pathologies that may be more uncomfortable for man and sometimes prevents the development of a normal life is the appearance of a prostatic adenoma.
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  4. Actress Lindsay Lohan contracted Chikungunya in Polynesia

    US actress Lindsay Lohan has made a virus transmitted by a mosquito that causes joint pain. Contracted the virus while on holiday in French Polynesia.
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  5. Exercise can strengthen brain connections

    People who perform some type of exercise in the elderly can improve their mental health by decreasing the loss of the white matter of the brain, according to a recent study.
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  6. Robin Williams Dies: The difference between depression and sadne

    Robin Williams was found dead at his home near California. The actor and comedian was 63 years old.
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  7. U.S. warns of travel to countries affected by Ebola

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the U.S. government advised to avoid travel to the three West African countries that are experiencing an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, according to the agency the Ebola outbreak has intensified in the region .
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  8. Justin Bieber and the Big Bang Theory

    Several years ago, Justin Bieber appeared in public with a hairstyle that should have been the delight of dermatologists or anyone involved in the care of the skin of young people.
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  9. Cold Gel for tired legs Fito Cold

    Being most of the day sitting or standing has a negative effect on legs and feet by the end of the day appear swollen producing the typical picture of tired legs.
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  10. Halley insect repellent lotion

    It's here and it seems that the heat is here to stay, I love it!. Also summer is approaching and with it the longer days, the zenith on the beach and refreshing bañitos, the sun, the starter on the terraces, the reunion with lifelong friends, sweltering heat, and precisely in mosquitoes and heat is coming that can not miss, no matter where you are on the beach or in the mountains are everywhere!
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