1. Relieve pain with cold gel packs

    Relieve pain with cold gel packs

    Nowadays, the use of ice is very frequent to stop the inflammatory processes produced by a twist, a blow or a trauma of any type; But we often do not know what effects it will have on the injury, what precautions we have to take into account or whether it really is necessary to apply cold in all cases.


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  2. Why scratching when you itch makes you itch more?

    This happens because the brain releases a chemical signaling in response to scratching which has some unwanted effects.

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  3. Course of care for people with Parkinson's

    Opened the registration deadline of the second edition of the course of care for people with Parkinson's and family

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  4. Is Homeopathy placebo for migraine?

    Very often, people suffering from pain severe and continuous head try different therapies might be called as alternatives.

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  5. What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?

    Chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis, is a debilitating disorder and many times misunderstood.

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  6. Meditation, mindfulness and mental silence

    Have you ever been unable to sleep because you do not get cut this whirlwind of thoughts that seems to flow steadily mercilessly through your head?

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  7. People with paralysis handle wheelchair using tongue

    HD video of a participant using the Tongue Drive system to handle an electric wheelchair.

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  8. The CSIC discover new clues about schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia is a neurological disorder characterized by disturbances in the perception of reality and a profound cognitive impairment. It is caused by alterations in neuronal development and know some genes involved in its onset. However, the function of many of these genes is not known. An investigation led by the National Research Council (CSIC) has revealed the function of one of them. This is the ErbB4 gene and its mission in the brain is described in an article published today in the journal Neuron.

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  9. Novel therapy to treat advanced Parkinson

    The unit of Neurology, Hospital Francesc de Borja Gandia, in collaboration with the department of Gastroenterology, has applied for the first time to one of his patients a new effective treatment for advanced-stage Parkinson's.

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  10. Reducing brain damage after stroke

    A team of neuroscientists with the participation of National Research Council (CSIC) has designed a method to reduce brain damage after a stroke.

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