1. Walk or bike to work will make you happier

    Walking or biking to work is not only good for the body but also also for the mind, according to a recent survey carried out in the UK.

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  2. Apple Health App

    A completely new way to use your health and fitness information.

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  3. Minavit the perfect rehydration for athletes

    When we sweat we lose numerous minerals, why sweat tastes salty and bitter. To prevent loss of mental and physical performance should restore the minerals that we lose, because otherwise trastornamos body metabolism which in extreme cases can lead to disease. An example is muscle cramps caused by the loss of magnesium and / or potassium.

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  4. Business Commitment for Clean Sport

    ASISA has joined other major Spanish companies' Corporate Commitment by the Clean Sport ", an unprecedented initiative, through which we want to recognize the importance of the fight against doping and the responsibility of the sponsors of the activities sports such as stakeholders, should take to maintain "clean sport."

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