1. The best monitors heart rate watches

    Exercising in your target heart rate lets you get the most out of your training. But who who can take your pulse for a long period of time?

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  2. The Christmas best gift you care with your health

    If you have more people in your family, sure you know how important it is to control your blood pressure regularly. Why not give them a blood pressure monitor?

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  3. Researchers first related protein with PD1 myocardial infarction

    It is a door to design therapies that reduce the size of myocardial

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  4. Aspirin: A cure all?

    Aspirin belongs to a group of drugs called salicylates. It works by disrupting the production of substances (prostaglandins and thromboxanes) that cause pain, fever, inflammation and blood clots.

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  5. What you should know of varicose veins

    Veins are part of the blood vessels, their mission is to return blood to the heart to maintain a continuous flow. When the veins do not function well, varicose veins may appear.

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  6. Krill Oil the best source of Omega-3

    Krill is one of the first links in the food chain so we got an oil and purer nutrients. Avoiding heavy metals, toxins and other substances that accumulate in the skin and fat of some fish.

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  7. Thomas Cook: 25 years with a transplanted heart

    Actually endorsed her new heart at the same time when surgeons transplanted into his chest 25 years ago.

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  8. What is peripheral vascular disease?

    Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), is a narrowing of the peripheral arteries (arteries outside the heart).

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  9. Atrial fibrillation in Spain

    Almost one million people, 4.4 percent of the Spanish population over 40 years, have atrial fibrillation, which thus becomes the most common arrhythmia increasing the risk of stroke and thrombosis.

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  10. Physical activity, sport and cardiovascular disease

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 12, from 19:30 hours, will be the first conference of the Club Healthy heart Rioja. The cardiologist Julio Martinez Florez, coordinator of the Club, and internal medicine specialist Viamed The Apple Hospital, Virginia Perez Hernandez, will be responsible for delivering the lecture "Physical activity and sport. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases "

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