1. Anti Lice: Removes lice and protects Quit Nits

    You're on vacation! but ... you've just discovered that your child / has head lice and you have to leave home to spend some well deserved time relaxing by the school holidays, do not lose the nerves, the spread of lice is very common, so it is necessary to first : be calm, and second, take action.

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  2. Shame difficult to treat head lice

    Almost one in five Spanish would be ashamed if his son had lice, which would hamper the proper treatment of infection in children, according to the Survey on Pediculosis Filvit developed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Outpatient and Primary Care ( SEPEAP) and the Center for Information Pediculosis.

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  3. Wild Child safest enviroment record

    Wild Child was founded by Leanne Preston in Margaret River, Australia, following the unpleasant discovery that her youngest daughter had head lice.

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  4. Head lice: Small wingless insects

    Contrary to popular belief, head lice can inhabit all types of hair – not just unwashed or dirty hair.

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  5. New products to combat head lice

    Over 35% of children suffer from head lice in the summer camps. With Quit Nits Advance, the only treatment without chemical pesticides, are removed all the lice and nits in just one day with an application of 2 hours

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