Monthly Archives: January 2015

  1. The best monitors heart rate watches

    Exercising in your target heart rate lets you get the most out of your training. But who who can take your pulse for a long period of time?

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  2. Viagra helps premature babies with pulmonary hypertension

    Leticia was careful not to drink caffeine while pregnant, so now you can imagine how amazed I was when the team Hospital said they were going to give her daughter premature Victoria, the equivalent of a cup of coffee.

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  3. Experimental drug tricks the body has eaten

    New drug could trick the body into thinking you've eaten, according to a new study conducted in mice.

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  4. Actress Lindsay Lohan contracted Chikungunya in Polynesia

    US actress Lindsay Lohan has made a virus transmitted by a mosquito that causes joint pain. Contracted the virus while on holiday in French Polynesia.

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