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  1. Suspected Case of Ebola in Jumilla

    This is a 25-year-old man that five days ago traveled from Mali and that presents as fever and vomiting symptoms Health has enabled the action protocol for prevention for ruling out the possibility that the patient has the disease with all precautions listed professionals also figured heavily in the Jumilla have given notice to the Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca, which, in coordination with the service of epidemiology and the Ministry have enabled the protocol.

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  2. New Active Night Oil By Serum7 (Boots Laboratories)

    Boots Laboratories Serum 7 has developed active night oil, a product that gets naturally regenerate the skin and bring a more youthful, radiant and healthy.

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  3. Researchers first related protein with PD1 myocardial infarction

    It is a door to design therapies that reduce the size of myocardial

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  4. October 12th, World Day of osteoarthritis

    Today, Sunday October 12th, the World Day of the Rheumatic Diseases, including osteoarthritis is being held.

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  5. Teresa R. Ebola first infected person in Spain

    The nursing assistant Teresa R. attended the two missionaries repatriated from Africa with the disease and is the first person who has contracted Ebola outside Africa.

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  6. World Breastfeeding Week

    The World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated in Europe 41 weeks of the year. The date was chosen in understanding that pregnancy started on January 1, the beginning of lactation would be week 41, ie, in early October.

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