Monthly Archives: July 2014

  1. Win the battle against HIV

    When AIDS first appeared in the 1980s, being infected with HIV was a death sentence. But the great global effort conducted since then has ensured that this belongs to the past in an increasing number of patients.

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  2. Fight cellulite with Roc

    Cellulite is a problem that can affect us all whether we are more or less thin.

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  3. Can heal the skin with aromas?

    Humans have about 350 different types of olfactory receptors for detecting odors. These receptors work together to give us the sense of smell.

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  4. Apple Health App

    A completely new way to use your health and fitness information.

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  5. Justin Bieber and the Big Bang Theory

    Several years ago, Justin Bieber appeared in public with a hairstyle that should have been the delight of dermatologists or anyone involved in the care of the skin of young people.

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  6. Healthy joints: Condro-Aid Forte

    As we age we lose the ability to maintain optimal levels of nutrients needed to maintain proper joint function. Worldwide wear on knees and other joints is one of the most common ailments.

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