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  1. Thinning hair: Advance Arkocapil Forte

    We can lose up to 35,000 hairs per year as normal daily fall is a hundred hairs. Different situations such as stress, hormonal changes or seasonal changes adversely affect the environment of the hair bulb.

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  2. BTSeS SeSDERMA definitive anti-wrinkle

    Today I bring you a superb treatment ideal for treating deep wrinkles anti-aging, loss of firmness, skin irregularities and dehydration.

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  3. Cold Gel for tired legs Fito Cold

    Being most of the day sitting or standing has a negative effect on legs and feet by the end of the day appear swollen producing the typical picture of tired legs.

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  4. Three myths about allergies at home

    This time of year people are very concerned about allergies, most importantly, how to prevent the onset of symptoms.

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  5. What you should know of varicose veins

    Veins are part of the blood vessels, their mission is to return blood to the heart to maintain a continuous flow. When the veins do not function well, varicose veins may appear.

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