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  1. We interviewed the creator of the blog: El Desván de Pauline

    The creator of the blog The Loft Pauline is a young, feisty, restless, thoughtful and curious women.

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  2. Breathe Well , Sleep better , is health

    The World Sleep Day , which since the beginning of its creation in 2008 by WASM has been held every year in Spain sponsored by the Spanish Sleep Society , this year is celebrated on March 14 and its motto is " Breathe Well better sleep , is health "and intends to focus on the frequent complaints of the common sleep disorders. Breathing properly and sleep well at night is vital to overall health.

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  3. Glycolic Acid suitable for the treatment of wrinkles and scars

    Glycolic or hydroxy acetic acid (AHA) is a substance found naturally in fruits such as apples, grapes, oranges, or sugarcane.

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  4. Krill Oil the best source of Omega-3

    Krill is one of the first links in the food chain so we got an oil and purer nutrients. Avoiding heavy metals, toxins and other substances that accumulate in the skin and fat of some fish.

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  5. Brides fatten an average of 2 kg after the wedding

    Brides who are going to get married usually want to lose weight before your big day, but many fail not only that goal but, in fact, gain a few kilos in the following months of marriage, according to a recent study conducted in Australia.

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  6. Thomas Cook: 25 years with a transplanted heart

    Actually endorsed her new heart at the same time when surgeons transplanted into his chest 25 years ago.

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  7. Course of care for people with Parkinson's

    Opened the registration deadline of the second edition of the course of care for people with Parkinson's and family

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