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  1. Investigate a new vaccine against Alzheimer's

    Thousands of patients and families are pinning their hopes on a vaccine against Alzheimer 's disease , which develops biotechnology company Aragonese Araclon Biotech, and recently began his clinical stage human trial.

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  2. A vegetarian diet reduces blood pressure

    Scientists have shown that vegetarian diets are best for reducing high blood pressure or hypertension, and decrease cardiac damage that could cause.

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  3. Is Homeopathy placebo for migraine?

    Very often, people suffering from pain severe and continuous head try different therapies might be called as alternatives.

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  4. Beth Whaanga showing her cancer scars in facebook

    Beth Whaanga is 33 and was diagnosed with breast cancer and uterus in 32 birthday, but fortunately survived to tell the tale and decided to wear the scars of the disease to fight it.

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  5. Routine mammograms do not reduce deaths from breast cancer

    Annual mammograms in middle-aged women do not reduce deaths from breast cancer, this test is essentially as good as the physical examination reveals a new retrospective study of 25 years in Canada.

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  6. Valentine's Day: How to keep your heart broken

    Many people enjoy Valentine's Day with your partner, but there will be people who, that day, will break your heart. Being in love, implies a risk that does not always everything goes as we plan.

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  7. WHO reports death from new bird flu virus H10N8

    An old woman in China has been the first documented case of death by a new strain of avian influenza known by scientists as H10N8.

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  8. Affected by AEH created a School for Patients

    Hereditary angioedema ( HAE ) is a rare hereditary disease characterized by recurrent swelling ( edema ) of the skin , mucous membranes and internal organs , which can be fatal .

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