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  1. The need to be happy at Christmas

    Christmas is already here, the fun and joy invade the streets and homes, or at least it should be, but as is well known not everyone feels the joy and fills with happiness their hearts at this time of year, fact psychiatrists often treat people who suffer holiday blues.

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  2. ainia develops an artificial colon

    Simulates the natural conditions that occur in the large intestine as pH control , temperature, and monitoring the growth of the gut flora ( microbiota ) .

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  3. James Bond: License to... Drink?

    The famous phrase of James Bond in English "Shaken, not stirred", incorrectly translated as "mixed, not stirred" in Spain, may have originated in their inability to mix their drinks because of a tremor that usually affects the hands produced by excessive consumption of alcohol.

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  4. Three food -related depression

    It's no secret that we tend to eat more when holidays come around . And with all the holiday hustle and bustle , we forget some of what is or is not healthy.

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  5. What is peripheral vascular disease?

    Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), is a narrowing of the peripheral arteries (arteries outside the heart).

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