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  1. People with paralysis handle wheelchair using tongue

    HD video of a participant using the Tongue Drive system to handle an electric wheelchair.

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  2. Why men Have Bigger Noses Than women?

    According to researchers , men usually have bigger nose than women because they usually have more muscle, which requires more nose to inspire more oxygen.

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  3. Atrial fibrillation in Spain

    Almost one million people, 4.4 percent of the Spanish population over 40 years, have atrial fibrillation, which thus becomes the most common arrhythmia increasing the risk of stroke and thrombosis.

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  4. Investigate new materials to improve condoms

    Is it possible to design condoms to enhance sexual pleasure ?

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  5. The mycological experience goes to mobile

    What fungus is? Is it poisonous? What grows elsewhere? The National Research Council (CSIC) has created, through the Royal Botanic Gardens, an application for mobile phone that introduces the user in understanding the diversity of fungi and helps to resolve these and other concerns. FungiNote available, for now, only for devices with IOS operating system.

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  6. Minavit the perfect rehydration for athletes

    When we sweat we lose numerous minerals, why sweat tastes salty and bitter. To prevent loss of mental and physical performance should restore the minerals that we lose, because otherwise trastornamos body metabolism which in extreme cases can lead to disease. An example is muscle cramps caused by the loss of magnesium and / or potassium.

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  7. Physical activity, sport and cardiovascular disease

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 12, from 19:30 hours, will be the first conference of the Club Healthy heart Rioja. The cardiologist Julio Martinez Florez, coordinator of the Club, and internal medicine specialist Viamed The Apple Hospital, Virginia Perez Hernandez, will be responsible for delivering the lecture "Physical activity and sport. Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases "

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  8. Adult goats give milk rich in omega-3

    A study by the National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Cordoba has developed a new strategy for milk naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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  9. New Serum7 Renew: Anti-aging line for mature skin

    Boots Laboratories presents Serum7 Renew, a new range of anti-aging products aimed specifically at women over 50, which promotes cellular activity, mature skin helping to retrieve the properties of younger skin.

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