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  1. Discovered enzyme able to replicate damaged DNA strands

    An international study led by the National Research Council (CSIC) has discovered a new human enzyme able to replicate damaged DNA strands. According to this work, published in the latest issue of Molecular Cell, this new DNA polymerase, called PrimPol, could have played a crucial role in the evolution of genomes and the diversification of life on our planet.

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  2. Baby cured of HIV remains virus-free after three years

    According to a new report, the baby born in Mississippi with HIV who were treated in their first hours of life is maintained without infection, three years later, despite being without medication for 18 months.

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  3. Playing a musical instrument improves health

    I play the violin almost every day and I can confirm that the time I spend daily to music would definitely relieves stress. And that stress can be detrimental to the mental and physical health.

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  4. October 25th International Day Butterfly Skin

    This Friday, October 25 is celebrated throughout the world on the International Day of epidermolysis bullosa or butterfly skin.

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  5. Implanted a bionic arm to a FOP patient

    When she was 3, Ashley Kurpiel was diagnosed cancerous tumors in the right arm. Only after removal of her arm and shoulder discovered that their disease was not cancer.

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  6. The CSIC studies the effects of Vichy Catalán on cholesterol

    The National Research Council ( CSIC ) and Vichy Catalan today signed Wednesday, October 16 , an agreement to study the effects of this carbonated mineral water on cholesterol.

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  7. The crisis increases the number of vasectomies

    According to a recent study , the current economic recession induces more men to have a vasectomy to prevent unwanted births .

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  8. The actress Ana Fernández with «Menudos Corazones»

    The actress Ana Fernandez, known for her role in the TV series 'The Protected', starring a video reading a story to a girl with heart problems, a metaphor for what these children living with heart disease and their families.

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  9. Pelvic Gym and its benefits

    Its use is recommended by gynecologists to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and, thus, prevent urinary incontinence.

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  10. Tom Hanks says on TV show that have type 2 diabetes

    The actor Tom Hanks announced on Monday 7th night on The Late Show presented by David Letterman that she had type 2 diabetes.

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