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  1. The challenges of aging

    National Research Council (CSIC), Obra Social "la Caixa" and the Fundación General CSIC (FGCSIC) analyzed the scientific and social challenges for aging in the breakfast briefing.
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  2. Human sex is feminine by default

    GADD45G Gene expression is essential in sex determination, fertility and testicular development, as demonstrated by an investigation led by the National Research Council (CSIC).
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  3. Increases eficiacia assisted reproduction treatments in Spain

    Fertility treatments have evolved considerably in the last ten years. Currently has numerous techniques and drugs with good safety profiles, comfortable and effective, helping couples to realize the dream of parenthood.
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  4. Today, May 10, marks the World Lupus Day

    Lupus Associations Attention Demanded International Chronic Disease Affecting Five Million People in the World
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  5. Anti-CD38 antibodies and lupus remission

    An international investigation led by the National Research Council (CSIC) has detected unusually high levels of anti-CD38 antibodies of IgG in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (commonly called lupus) during remission.
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  6. Many women skip menstruation

    According to recent research, many young women use their hormonal contraceptive method to bypass the rule, especially for convenience.
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  7. Early antibiotic treatment of severe sepsis

    Infectious disease specialists opt for early antibiotic treatment of severe sepsis in the XXIII Congress of the ESCMID
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  8. Breast implants may hinder the diagnosis of cancer

    According to a recent study, breast implants may make it more difficult to detect breast cancer at an early stage.
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