Monthly Archives: December 2012

  1. Arrested for smuggling cocaine in breast implants

    Drug traffickers have used creativity to hide cocaine, heroin and other substances to avoid police checkpoints and border crossings, but a recent failed attempt took an unexpected turn.
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  2. The 15% of the population has a disability

    According to the World Report on Disability published by the World Health Organization (WHO) 15% of the world's population has some form of disability.
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  3. End of the World 2012: NASA denies rumors

    NASA scientists have spoken to the media to allay fears about the possible end of the world in 2012, warning of the danger posed by these rumors, and that frighten children and adolescents with suicidal tendencies who truly fear that the world runs out December 21.
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  4. Real Pregnancy: Morning sickness requiring hospitalization

    Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William of Great Britain, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace, has been hospitalized because of severe morning sickness.
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  5. Flu and cold: Do not touch the nose

    During cold and flu season, inundate us with messages for us to wash their hands frequently. However, to avoid infection, it is important that we stop touching your nose and mouth continuously, according to a recent study.
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