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  1. Farmacia La Nucia team wish you Happy New Year

    Time flies and another year has passed, closing another cycle. Already many years with you since you came into this adventure in internet and we just want to wish the best for you and yours.

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  2. Laboratorios Ordesa rewards the last baby of the year

    The last baby of the year will win the grand prize of Laboratorios Ordesa and new this year, is included DKV health insurance.

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  3. How to avoid spreading the flu

    Staying home for four days when you have the flu could be enough to avoid spreading the virus to other people.

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  4. Why stem cell facelifts are dangerous?

    A patient of Los Angeles more than 60 years, visited the doctor with a strange condition: every time he opened his right eye, he heard a click.

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  5. Alvita expands its range of oral hygiene

    Proper oral hygiene is the most direct way to preserve the health of teeth and gums.

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  6. Family meals help children to take more fruits and vegetables

    One or two family meals a week can help children to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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  7. In 2013 electronic prescriptions will be implemented in Spain

    This is another step in the implementation of e-Health, in which the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, is counting on the collaboration of health professionals and, especially, with the pharmaceuticals.

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  8. A quadriplegic girl moves a robotic hand with his mind

    A woman paralyzed from the neck down, is able to use a robotic arm to hand crashing or eating chocolate, which is the most advanced mind control a prosthetic hand developed for humans.

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  9. Serum7: anti-aging product line

    Serum 7 apply scientific rigor to demonstrate their results: a visible reduction of lines and wrinkles in 28 days.

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  10. Radiography of defaults to pharmacies

    The most indebted regional governments are delaying, repeatedly, the payment of which is carrying drugs very serious situations affecting the normal operation of pharmacies and directly affecting patients.

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